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- K.á
ɡ .

Each and every word of Mr.Gautham''s article is true. If he has to be
applauded and appreciated for the article hundred times, Tamiloviam and
its crew have to be applauded and appreciated one million times for the
guts and braveness to publish such an article. Tamiloviam has successfully
"belled the cat". Its easy for everyone to give a bell (of course,
Mr.Gautham has choosen a bell that none can disagree with!), but it takes
a lot to tie it around the neck of the cat. Tamiloviam has just done that
most dangerous job with such a ease and bravery with the help of truth.
Congratulations! Way to go! Keep it up!

- Sathya

There is a saying in Tamil that Nobody critics a plan in the building
stage, but ciriticizes the building after it is built. This criticism is
no exception. I would like to bring to the attention of the author the
following facts.1. Mr. Sivaraman is the President of FeTNA for the First
time, only this year. Last year Mr.Babu was the President.If he has read
the convention magazine as he claims to have read in great details, he
should have Known that.Besides Mr. Sivaraman is no Old person and he
belongs to the younger generation of immigrants that is in line with the
main theme of the convention.2.One should be aware that this convention
was organized by number of enthusiastic Tamil people volunteering their
effots FREE. People find fault with the speaker system going bust beyond
their control and they are blamed for it.When a great organization as NASA
spending millions of Tax payers dollars send a space shuttle like
Challenger in disaster, not many people talk about it.In summary, I wish
the criticism is more constructive and not decry personalities. Thanks.

- Annadurai

Truth stands tall. Congrats Gautham & Tamiloviam. To clear the air and to
prove Fetna is only a cultural organization, Fetna should come forward and
submit itself to an open investigation into its affairs by neutral
agencies that include US Government and its anti-terrorism task force.
After 9/11 Tamils should be very careful about the hidden agenda of any
organization and stay away from trouble.


Dear Editor
I read through your report. I am one of the commitee members
for FETNA and was in charge of the sound system The sound engineer I hired
had done a prvious convention for us and several other NJTS functions. It
is unfortuante the wireless mikes we got, 11 of them, only 5 wokred and
the youth who used 3 of them misplaced them and we had to cancel the
"NANDA" the previous night. somone made a comment that FETNA spent $
40000, but could not get good mike ystem. Don''t you know that in any
public meeting the sound system is the most important one and do you think
people are that stupid to let the sound fail

- S. Rajan

I served as a volunteer for recently concluded Fetna convention.
Therefore, I could not reveal my real name. Everything Gautham has written
is factual. Though volunteers sweated day and night for the convention,
most of us had no idea that it will turn into such a mouthpiece of LTTE.
When Times of India and Hindustan Times articles were published, we were
told, its all wrong and lies and we need not worry much about it. The only
thing I object in Goutham''s article is it is written in a way to
exonerate Fetna President Mr. Sivaraman. Though it is true that some
former Fetna presidents hijacked the convention with their dominance and
decision making, Sivaraman was not assertive and let it happen willingly.
I think it is because he also subscribes to their ideologies. Otherwise,
he would not have kept all the volunteers in the dark about all these
things. So, its high time Sivaraman stand up and take moral responsibility
for this fiasco and apologize to all the volunteers who did sacrifice so
many things for the convention. He should also assure that he will never
allow nothing of this sorts to happen in Fetna under his presidentship in
the future.

- Zeneith

Gowtham deserves a big "Thank You" for waking up those Tamils who have
been sleeping and providing them the opportunity to learn about the kind
of "Tamil people" who are amongst us. He has displayed his deep hatred for
Tamil causes without any reservation. One of my friends whom I respect
very much prophetically said: " Those who speak Tamil are not all
Tamils -- just like those who speak English are not all English people".
Gowtham is so upset about calling C. N. Annadurai as Anna, while he did
not have any qualms when there were references to Mahatma Gandhi in the
FeTNA meeting. If Mohandas Karamchand can be called Mahatma and
Rajagopalan can be called Rajaji ( I respect both of them and I have no
objection to anybody calling them by these reverential names), what is
wrong in referring to Annadurai as Anna? Is it because Gowtham is not
able to digest the fact that Anna is one of the greatest scholar-statesmen
the world has ever produced?FeTNA is not an Indian organization. FeTNA is
an organization of Tamils regardless of national origin, religious
affiliations or otherwise, caste, or any other artificial boundaries.
Tamil is the only common denominator! The central theme of Gowtham''s
article seems to be: "Why is FeTNA not an Indian organization which must
always support India in whatever it does or doesn''t and why are you guys
dwelling on unimportant and irrelevant issues such as Tamil language and
the well-being of Tamil people in other parts of the world ?" Gowtham is
so humane that he can''t stand any references to the suffering of the
people in Tamil Eelam. He is annoyed at even the very mentioning of the
names of the leaders who are trying to restore the legitimate rights of
the people who have been living in Tamil Eelam for more than 2,500 years.
Gowtham himself has already admitted that he would be branded as a traitor
and I do not argue with him on this. His write-up clearly proves that

- Dr. Thani Kumar Cheran (7/11/2003)


I would read Gowtham''s article on the FETNA meet with a pinch of salt.

I flew from Chicago for some office work in NJ and was not very excited to
attend the FETNA after hearing the reports in Indian news media. However,
a local colleague of mine had already purchased tickets but she had to
leave for California due to some urgent work.

To be honest, I really enjoyed the FETNA meeting for the wide variety of
programs. As Gowtham described in his article, President Kalam''s video
conferene, Nandan Kathai Drama, Professor Sambantham''s lectures, Shankar
Mahadevan''s (to be precise, Toronto Student group Agni''s) concert were
all outstanding and I have never seen such excellent programs in a row
during my entire stay in the US.

Except for one or two here and there, most of the programs given by
American Tamils were good too. Patti Manram, Kavi Arangam etc were mixed
with some politics but having lived with Kazhagam politics in Tamil Nadu,
it was not a surprise. But casteist and sexist references in these events
should be rightfully condemned. Events related to science were useful and
interesting. It is true that the poor attendence was due to frequent
change of the schedule. However the fact remains, even the highly educated
Tamils visit Tamil meetings only for entertainment.

I agree there was some degree of politics in most of the events presented
by SL Tamils, but they still had significant level of artistic elements.
They probably should be persuaded in the future not to mix politics, but I
can understand the psychology of the people who were displaced from their
land due to racist politics unlike the Indian Tamils. That was precisely
the message given by Mr.Gasper Raj. The pin-drop silence and the standing
ovation (omitted by Gowtham) Mr.Gasper Raj received from the FETNA
audience acknowledged this message.

I agree with Gowtham on some of the organizational flaws that could have
been avoided. But it is not an easy job to organize this mammoth event,
purely by volunteers. Gowtham''s few other comments like seeing the same
people on the dais are all valid but are they not untypical of our
culture. The old people (especially men) do not trust the younger
generation (and women) and never yield to them.

Leaving all the negative points, on the whole, I felt close to my home and
the organizers should be applauded for organizing this event.

- Priya

Thanks to Gowtham for his well-written criticism of FETNA. I am glad that
the TOI and HT articles were not without truth.

I hope FETNA will do away with all the current office bearers and bring
changes in the future. I think thiNNai Rajaram should take the lead, since
he wanted to bring some positive changes. He should take help from other
sensible members who tried to change the system within.

- Balaji

Ž !

򾢺Ģ ɡ Ţ
šǧ¡, â ǧ¡
Ƣצ ؾ ¡ 򾢸 :

1. ĺ (Machiavellian strategy).
2. âǢ Ȣ â (distortion or misrepresentation).
3. âǢ 츢 츢 
â Ţ (The
Straw Man Fallacy or writing out of context).
4. ⢠츨 Ţ, Ȩ
̨Ȩ â (focussing on physical discrepancies).

ĸ ġ ̾Ǣ ¡츢
쾢 ! ¡츢ȡ ..
Ȣ θ ¡Ȣ , Ȣ Ģ
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& . 즸 FETNA
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Ţ áǢ¢ 츢 Ţ ؾ
Ţ Ȣ ̾ š š.

ۨ Ţ Ȣ . иȡ:

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̃á ú š " Ţ
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ϬԾ ̸ θǢ. ɡ
ɢ θ !

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Ǣ â측Ţ ɢ
ɡ, ĉ θ
Ш ?

ģǢ ɢ â
ɢ ɢ
ʾ , ¡ ģ
Ƣ򦾡Ƣ ?

ɢ š
Ⱥ þ ɢ
ﺡ, , ̃á Ţ
츨 ?

Ģ 츢
á âǢ ɢ
ռǡ š

þ ɡ ,
즸 ؾ θ !

ɢ á š¡,
Ǣ Ш 째 š¡,
Ţ â ý ȡ !

â ɢ ,
째 áŢǢ,
Ģ𺢸 ɢ ¢ġ 츢 է !

ɢɢ ܼ ,
š쨸¢ Ǣ ɢ !


Gautham`s comments show that he has keenly observed all aspects of Fetna
convention. His analysis is very elaborate but at times, seems
vindictive.He failed to mention two things. Let us not forget the
countless volunteers for their tireless efforts over the past several
weeks. I hope Gautham observed the unruly and irresponsible behaviour of
some Tamils in the auditorium and the restrooms as well as trashing the
outside gardens with plates and cups. It is no wonder more and more
schools are refusing to rent their auditoriums for any Indian gathering.

- Sundaram

To the Editor, I hope you will give me a chance to voice my opinion by
publishing this in your website. If you prefer, you can translate this in
Tamil and publish this response.

As an Eelam Tamil, I would like to respond to Mr. Goutham''s report on
FeTNA program. He was wrong when he wrote that Mr. Prabaharan''s
pictures were removed after police officers visited that booth area several

First, the police officers were there for routine check. They were there
during the entire program. Mr.Prabaharan''s pictures were sold like hot cakes
and eventually they ran out of the pictures. This was the reason Mr.Gotham
did not see the pictures after some time at the World Tamil Coordinating
Committee''s booth. (W.T.C.C)

Second there is no need for the WTCC people to hide his pictures because
of the police presence. Even though LTTE is a designated as a terrorist
organization in the USA, it is NOT ILLEGAL to carry LTTE flags or
Mr.Prabaharan''s pictures or even to support LTTE''s political work. Every
one who follow the Eelam Tamil issues knows this very well. If you want
to verify this, check the following case Humanitarian Law project vs
Reno 205s.3d1130 (9th cir.2000); Humanitarian Law project
9S.Supp.2d1176 (C.D.Cal.1998)

Second, FeTNA stands for Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America. So,
the tamils can be from any where including Eelam. When it says North
America, it also includes Canada. Mr.Goutham may not be aware that there
are more than 100,000 Eelam Tamils in Canada and a significant number of
Eelam Tamils from Canada and US attended this program. And Canadian Tamil
Sangam and Ilankai Tamil Sangam are members of FeTNA. So, it is also
important to give importance to the problems faced by the Eelam Tamils
(Their struggle for Freedom).

It is sad to see that there are tamils who still do not see the Eelam
Tamils as their brothers and sisters.
As Father Casper Raj said during his speech, "Forget about the politics
and look at the plight of the Eelam Tamils."

An Eelam Thamil
- Shyam

Gautham did not say Agni orchestra from Canada is given chance for the
second consecutive year in fetna. Why is that? There are many good
orchestra groups in and around NJ. Everyone should be given a chance and
encouraged. Will fetna remember this next time?

- Manohar

Ψ ȡ . ɡ á Χ šƢ
측 š ġ
â Χ .... ... Ţ ¡
Ţơ ú Ө¢ ĢŢθ.

- ţ ¡


Thanks for the comments on FeTNA conv.
I agree with you on most of the issues. But beg to differ on Eelam Tamil Issues
you raised. First of all you should have read the news reports relating FeTNA
with LTTE. This report is the one raised some concerns. It was written by a
Sinhalese reporter from Hauge to the biased 'Island'. And it was picked up by
P.K.Balachandran from Colombo to an equally biased 'Hindustan Times'. If these
reporters are worth the salt they should have checked them with the organizers.
Funny, the SL guy wrote it from Hauge and the indian guy simply 'Cut & Paste'
it from Col. It is us to fault to expect a genuine journalist from SL & to an
extent from India. If you read the report you will see the motive behind it.
It's heading was that the LTTE is raising money by putting up a show by leading
stars of Tamil cinema. These guys may not know the meaning of 'leading
stars' !!!!! Just for your info, the Eelam Tamils reacently made the cinema
star's show Big FLOP in London and Toronto ( Megastar2003 & Visu show ). They
don't and will not run after cine stars unless they support Eelam cause. You
wondered,only 25% of the audience are Eelam Tamils and why they we given
prominance in Rush Holts speech. It is not the number, it is the contribution
they give and the struggle they go through matters. Did you ever wonder when
the national anthem of India was played (twice within one hour) those 25%
stood, honouring your great country, no Eelam Tamil questioned that?, forget
about Eelam Antham!Why no Srilankan Anthem(they have atleast 25% from a small
country's small minority). Even well read President failed to see the poor
tamils of 'Malaiyaham' in Srilanka and their contribution, not to mention Eelam
Tamils! By the way what is wrong of presenting a charactor depecting
Chandrika/Srimao, who created this big mess!!!! ( father S.W.R.D, wife Srimao
and daughter Chandrika, uncle Anurutha etc). Will not you act a character
depecting some British in bad light, in a freedom struggle drama in a convetion
in London? You complained Fr.Jegath Caspar Raj was given prime time.What is
wrong giving prime time for a person of knowledge? Funny you also worried about
not giving a place for some with serious credentials. May be you should check
Fr.Casper Raj's credentials! Is the term 'prime time' reserved for
entertainment related matter? Shanker mahadevan is not great either, As you
said the Shakthy group, mostly youngsters are far better than this
established 'stars'. After listening to ShankerMahadevan singing I thought
Fr.Caspar Raj would have given more time.
I still want to write you more, but not to make another FeTNA, bid bye!

- Vimal

FETNA does not support all Srilankan Tamils. It represents and supports
only LTTE through its programs. If it really cares for Srilankan Tamil
cause, it should also give stage and representation in its programs to
other Srilankan Tamil groups like TELO, EPRLF, PLOT and others.

- SL Padmanaban

I want to applaud you for the courage you have shown in publishing the scathing
account of the FeTNA convention by Goutham. It's high time people with more
broad-minded attitudes that are more reflective of today's realities and have true
self-less motives take over this organization.

Goutham deserves a rousing round of applause for having the guts to point out
the flaws in the programs, the lack of planning and poor execution. I am sad to
say that my reservations with the capability of the people who were putting this
together were true after all.

- E.Ra.Mani

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