PADAL by Srikanth (Music Album)

Padal ©, which translates to 'Songs' in English, is a Tamil Music album composed and produced by Srikanth Devarajan, an Indian Composer based in Gaithersburg, MD USA. This is Srikanth’s fourth commercial music album. His previous album titled “H1BEES” received rave reviews and press from media around the world. Padal© features 10 Tracks in Tamil, ranging from youthful to romantic, humorous and classical songs steeped in culture. Srikanth explores a wide range of musical techniques and song concepts in this music album. The album has an innovative mix of style and substance, embodifying the creativity of the composer.

Padal© also features Karthik, one of the leading film playback singers in India besides talented vocalists, lyricists and instrumentalists from USA. The composer, executive producers and the production crew involved in this album have worked diligently over the last year to make this production a grand musical success. Padal © is being released in the US by H1BEES Inc.

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Track Listings

1. 18 Vayathu   Sample

Vocals : Alisha, Harini & Maha

Lyrics : Sriram & Srikanth

A bubbly Track about teen fantasies and evasion of parental pressure.


6. Velaiku Pogamattaen   Sample

Vocals :Suresh

Lyrics : Srikanth

Backing Vocals : Shankar, Sridhar

A lively rock number depicting the plight of a blue collar worker. The electric guitar work and percussion are notables in this Track.

2. Ada Kaathalachae !   Sample

Vocals : Karthik [India]

Lyrics :Sriram & Srikanth

Backing Vocals : Cornelio, Miguel

A guy’s incredulous portrayal of love. A fast grooved Track with heavy South American influence. Lead vocals are by popular Tamil play back singer Karthik. The song format is very unique in this composition with notes going in forward motion in most places. Another notable mention is the slap bass parts, especially over the second interlude.


7. Serial Killer   Sample

Vocals : Chenthil, Babu

Lyrics : Arun Vaidhyanathan

A spoof Track about Tamil Soap Operas on TV. These Soaps are notorious for depicting Tamil cultural and family values in a very poor light.

3. C.H.E.N.N.A.I   Sample

Vocals : Siddharth, Alisha

Lyrics : Srikanth

Backing Vocals : Harini,Sridhar, Babu, Ganesh, Srikanth, Shankar.

Thou! Praise Chennai. A nostalgic musical tribute to City of Chennai. Like Srikanth, if you hail from Chennai, this Track would certainly pat your nostalgic nerves. Apart from intelligent lyrics and sweet vocals, the guitar parts and counter points are another feature to note in this Track. Srikanth often quotes that the second interlude is about “Musically Visualizing Chennai by Night from Air”.


8. Lover Girl   Sample

Vocals : Vidyu

Lyrics : Priya, Srikanth

A peppy romantic number, where the girl expresses her profound love for the boy. The bass Tracks and the expressive vocals are a highlight of this Track.

4. Pal Manakuthu   Sample

Vocals : Siddharth

Backing Vocals : Suresh,Sridhar

An energetic devotional number honoring Hindu Gods Lord Murugan and Lord Ayyappa. This song features exquisite use of harmonies and the percussion section includes a variety of South Indian folk music instruments like “Tape”, Udukai and Kanjeera.


9. Nadodi Kalaigyan   Sample

Vocals : Siddharth, Vidyu

Lyrics : Udhaya

A nomadic musician wanders, hitchhiking his way to villages and makes his livelihood by performing his art.

5. Nilacharal   Sample

Vocals : Kumar, Harini

Lyrics : Priya

Jathi : Santhanam [India]

In this fast paced classical romantic number, the writer wisely chooses the 5 great classical Tamil literatures as metaphors in the second stanza. The grinding rock fusion in the second interlude exposes a new dimension to the classical tonality.


10. Search [Instrumental]   Sample

Flute : Raman

Piano/Keyboard : Srikanth

A fusion instrumental Track.

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