அக்டோபர் 25 2007
யுனிகோடில் தேடல்
சென்ற இதழ்கள்
போட்டி : கொலு புகைப்பட போட்டி
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Celebrating Navarathiri brings happiness and rejunuvates friendship. This year your favourite "South Indian Specialties" adds more to it. You can win prizes too. South Indian Specialties is organizing a golu contest for US households this year too. congratulations to winners of 2006 kolu contest.

This year's contest will be under three categories...

A. Main kolu with thematic and coloful presentation.
3 prizes ranging First Prize : $75, Second Prize : $50, Third Prize : $25

B. Special contest category
Oldest and unique dolls passed over generation after generation.
(specify the year) $25

C. Essay topic for children. (ages 8-12).
Importance of Navarathri and navarathri celebrations in United States (in one page not exceeding 500 words).
Two cash prizes. First Prize : $25, Second Prize : $15

Children must specify their age and must send photograph.

Interested participants can an email with their golu photos to info@sisshopping.com and sisshopping@gmail.com

Contest Rules :

1. Participants are welcome to participate on both the categories.
2. Please do mention your Name, Phone, State and Category you are participating
3. You can send maximum of 2 photos per category.
4. In subject line please mention "Golu Contest 2007"
5. Each photo should be JPG format and not more than 2 MB in size.
6. You must be 12 years of age or older to participate in a contest (other than children contest).
7. Last date for sending photos is Oct 28th, Sunday, 2007. Results will be annouced on Diwali Day Nov 8th 2007.

Good Luck !!!!

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